Harley Quinn Season 2 Premiere Kicks Off with the Death of [SPOILERS]

The second season of Harley Quinn is finally here and the animated series didn't waste time in taking down the bad guys. The premiere episode of Season 2 just killed off a major Batman villain and it did so in the splashiest way possible.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 1! Proceed with caution!

In New Gotham, we are immediately shown the consequences of Joker's defeat in the previous season. The episode takes place three weeks after the previous season finale and the city is in utter ruins. At this point, the United States government has abandoned Gotham City and the remaining supervillains are running wild, having established an Injustice League. In addition to that, they have now called the city, New Gotham.

Naturally, Harley isn't happy with what's happening considering that she is only given a small territory. When she refuses to work with the baddies, she is frozen by Mr. Freeze and turned into a living decoration for Penguin. Luckily, Harley's friends are able to unfreeze a few parts of her and she immediately takes on Penguin.

It's an entertaining fight where Harley successfully bites off Penguin's nose. However, it doesn't end until Harley stabs him in the neck with her broken bat.

That's right, the series just killed off Penguin in what is possibly the most sickening death in the show so far. But does this mean we'll be seeing more major DC comic book villains being killed off in the second season? We may find out next week.

The premiere episode of Harley Quinn Season 2 is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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