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Harley Quinn Guides You Through Being Newly Single in Epic Birds of Prey Video

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey sees Harley Quinn's journey of overcoming her breakup with the Joker. Her split with the Clown Prince of Crime led to multiple people wanting to kill her, but sure enough, Harley made it without him. And while your relationship may not have had the same circumstances that they had, the Cupid of Crime is here to help you out with being newly single.

"Expert single gal Harley Quinn's step by step guide to overcoming the toxicity of a bad breakup, featuring DC's Birds Of Prey," the video's description reads. The clip shows ten rules to follow while you're going through a break-up.

The first step says, "Cut Your Hair," which Harley did in the movie, sporting a shorter hairstyle. The second step tells you to " Explore Your Inner Fashionista," which the character did as well, showing her very unique style. The third step is to "Channel Your Inner Rage Into Team Sports," which in Harley's case is roller derby. Fourth is to "Get Rid of Anything That Reminds You of Your Ex," followed by "Mentor Local Youth." The sixth step is to have a "Girl's Night In," and seventh, "Girl's Night Out." The eighth step is to "Treat Yourself to Your Favorite Food," then "Find a New Love," and finally, "Blow Sh*t Up." You can check out the video below!

The fun clip seems to be a way to promote Birds of Prey's Blu-ray release on May 12th, but the movie is already available on Video on Demand.

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