Han Solo Trades Something of Luke for a Drink in New Star Wars Book

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

J.J. Abrams' The Rise of Skywalker is only a month away. While fans are excited to see the epic conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars will release a new novel that will serve as a prelude to The Force Awakens; and there's one part of the story that'll get you a bit confused.

Kevin Shinick is the author of the upcoming book Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Force Collector. The novel has already been released in the UK last October 4. However, the American edition won't be available until November 19. The book is mainly focused on the story of Karr, a teenager who has the ability to see visions of different people and places once he touches certain objects.

A Redditor (u/TheMastersSkywalker) was able to give a rundown on the book's plot. In the post, it was mentioned that at one point, Karr got to Maz Kanata's castle in order for him to get help in understanding his power. He touched one of the medals that were allegedly given by Han Solo to Maz. That is when Karr discovered that the medal actually belonged to Luke Skywalker, which he got after the Battle of Yavin.

But why was it in Maz's possession? Well, as it turns out, Han actually gave it to Maz to pay for a drink. And because of this, Maz called Han a "bastard."

The reason was simple, but it isn't clear as to why Han would give something so sentimental to Luke only to exchange it with a drink. It is possible that he was still struggling financially to the point that he had to sell the medal. However, I don't think it's rational to trade something valuable just for that.

That being said, I hope the upcoming novel will yield stories on Han and Luke's relationship. This could help Star Wars fans deduce a reason why Han would do such a thing. Was Luke aware that Han traded his medal? Did he agree with it? There are so many questions left to be answered just from this part alone.

What do you think of the novel so far? Would you check out the book once it comes out? Tell us in the comments below!

Star Wars: Force Collector will be out on November 19 while The Rise of Skywalker will premiere on December 20.

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