Han Solo: Most Of Phil Lord And Chris Miller's Shots Are 'Very Usable'

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With only three weeks left into principal photography, it was quite the shock that Lucasfilm would fire Phil Lord and Chris Miller from Han Solo so late in the game. Ron Howard has now taken over directing duties for the movie, and though fans are worried just how much Howard has to work with now, it looks like he won't be starting from scratch.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, an inside source says that most of the material that Lord and Miller shot were still ‘very usable,' so I guess that could ease our concerns that the movie would have to be delayed. Howard was also said to have contacted Lord and Miller about taking over the project, and the duo have been said to be "very supportive" and "very elegant" about it.


Lord and Miller were said to be fired because their vision for Han Solo wouldn't match properly with that of Lucasfilm's. Whereas Lord and Miller wanted to make the movie more comedic with the use of improvisation, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan was insistent that they stuck to the script word-for-word. The reason it took so long to fire them from the movie was because Kathy Kennedy wanted to reach a compromise with the pair, but the two absolutely wouldn't budge.

A lot of trouble is surrounding the Han Solo movie all of a sudden. After what seems to be a smooth operation, we're suddenly getting a lot of ugly behind-the-scenes stories about Lucasfilm and creative control. Hopefully Kathy Kennedy's instincts are right. Her resume speaks for itself.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to come out May 25, 2018.

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