Han Solo Meets Chewbacca in New Solo: A Star Wars Story TV Spot

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Disney may be setting their sights on the release of Avengers: Infinity War this month, but marketing is steadily getting stronger for Solo: A Star Wars Story. We just got a new full trailer a week ago, and now Lucasfilm gives us a TV spot highlighting Han, Chewie, and the rest of Beckett's crew of thieves.

I have to say, the more I'm seeing Alden Ehrenreich's Han, the more I'm liking him. I've actually been rooting for the actor ever since he was first announced as the new Solo, as he was pretty great in Hail, Caesar!. Also, it's worth noting that Lucasfilm has been making some pretty solid moves when it comes to the latest Star Wars movies—that is, if you don't count Colin Trevorrow, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller getting fired.

With a lot of fans complaining about the latest Star Wars movies being "PC" for having only female protagonists, you would think that fanboys would shut-up about Solo finally being a classic Star Wars adventure with a strapping young male lead. Instead, we have a bunch of people complaining that Ehrenreich isn't an exact carbon copy of Harrison Ford. It's like they would prefer that Ford still played the part, and Lucasfilm spend billions on CGI just to make him young again for a 2-hour film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25.

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