Han Solo Director Ron Howard Shares Photo Of Brand New Alien On Set

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Lucasfilm usually does its best to keep its current film projects from leaking out to the public, but now, a month or so after the big Han Solo shake up where directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired over creative differences, it seems like the studio's eager to show that the spin-off production's going on smoothly with Ron Howard taking the lead.

For the past few weeks Howard has been sharing a few photos from the Han Solo set and in the newest image, not only do the fans get to see the crew hard at work, they also get to catch a glimpse of a brand new Star Wars alien,

Sitting over at the corner while the crew gets ready to shoot, the alien seems to be wearing a helmet as it props its head over its large hands. Check it out down here:

It isn't certain where exactly this scene is taking place, but by the looks of things, it seems like it might be in some sort of desert cavern or something of the sorts.


Howard has certainly been becoming more bold in sharing Han Solo set images – the first few shares where peeks at trash cans and water bottles and now the director's moved on to more detailed set photos. Lucasfilm must love how Howard is soothing the Star Wars community's Han Solo jitters with gracious set photos.

Let's see how Han Solo fares when it hits the big screen on May 25, 2018.

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