Hailee Steinfeld Asked About Upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ Series

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Hailee Steinfeld's star has grown in recent years, thanks to appearances in movies like Bumblebee, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Pitch Perfect and so much more. The talented singer-actress is still pretty young so the sky's the limit for her career, which is probably why Marvel Studios and Disney want her to be Kate Bishop for the Hawkeye Disney+ series. Variety recently caught up with the actress about her thoughts recently and she gave an interesting answer.

Why interesting? Because it seems like reports about the Hawkeye series haven't reached her. Steinfeld stated that she has no idea about the series, though there's a very good chance that she could be lying to not give away any big details. Marvel and Disney like to be secretive after all so we'll have to wait for more information.

It will be interesting to see if the Hawkeye Disney+ series pushes through, especially with all the hoopla surrounding Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife. His ex-wife claims that Renner threatened to kill her before while Renner denies that and claims that she's addicted to sex so it's really messy. Depending on what else is shared, it seems like this series could be on its way out until some good news comes.

Considering how Disney has responded to a decades-old tweet from James Gunn, lord knows that Renner's Marvel career could be canceled if worse things from his marriage are revealed. Unless he's proven innocent or ends up looking better than his ex, Jeremy Renner might be #cancelled. At least Hailee Steinfeld will still have a career.

Hawkeye is expected to debut on Disney+ on Autumn 2021.

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