Ecchi BDSM Yuri Manga ‘Gushing Over Magical Girls’ Gets Shock Anime Announcement

Gushing Over Magical Girls Hiiragi
Credit: Akihiro Ononaka / Takeshobo

Gushing Over Magical Girls Hiiragi
Credit: Akihiro Ononaka / Takeshobo

Magical girl anime might seem like something that’s for kids or kids at heart, but this new magical girl series is decidedly not for kids. Recently, it was announced that the ecchi BDSM manga Gushing Over Magical Girls is getting an anime adaptation.

While its title might seem innocent enough, Gushing Over Magical Girls is definitely an NSFW series as it features heavy ecchi and BDSM elements.

Combined with the magical girl premise, this series might be a show that will ruffle a lot of feathers when it premieres.

Gushing Over Magical Girls: Not Your Average Magical Girl Anime

Most magical girl anime titles are light and cutesy affairs, though the genre has seen some boundary-pushing works.

For instance, there’s Madoka Magica, which is a grim and dark show that’s the opposite of its bright and cheery art style.

While not as dark as Madoka, Gushing Over Magical Girls is not something that kids should watch, nor is it something that will appeal to general audiences given its ecchi premise.

This series follows Hiiragi Utena, a student who is obsessed with magical girls.

Soon, she gets recruited to be a magical girl, but it turns out that she accidentally joined an evil organization.

While she joined the organization, Enormeeta, against her will, Hiiragi soon comes to enjoy being part of it as her love for magical girls isn’t exactly pure.

Instead, Hiiragi’s admiration has a sadistic twist, as she wishes to humiliate them.

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Gushing Over Magical Girls Anime Release Date

gushing over magical girls key visual
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Credit: Akihiro Ononaka / Takeshobo

The manga’s anime adaptation was announced via the series’ official website and Twitter account.

There, it was revealed that the anime is in the works, though there’s not a lot of info yet about it.

What was released is a teaser visual that features Hiiragi alongside her fellow Enormeeta members.

At the bottom of the visual are the three Tres Magia members whom Hiiragi is enamored with.

Series creator Akihiro Ononaka also shared a special visual for the series that celebrates its upcoming anime adaptation.

It might be a while before we get more info on the anime series. But based on its ecchi BDSM premise and revealing character designs, this show might turn off a lot of viewers, especially as its characters are almost all young teens.

For now, there’s no word yet on a release, nor is there info on which studio will animate the show.

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