GTA 6 Setting Possibly Revealed, And It's Not Vice City

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Now that Rockstar Games already confirmed that GTA 6 is currently in the works, one of the biggest questions fans have been asking is, "Where will GTA 6 be set?". There's already a bunch of rumors for GTA 6, with many claiming that the next installment will take players back to Vice City, the franchise's fictional take on Miami, Florida, but an eagle-eyed GTA fan may have discovered a possible Easter egg that suggests another familiar location.

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Credit: Rockstar Games

A recent post on Rockstar's website promoting GTA Online featured a mysterious bloodstained notebook with what seems to be a police badge. It's impossible to make out many details, but Twitter account GTA 6 News & Leaks recently pointed out that the badge looks similar to the Liberty City police department badge. GTA fans already know that Liberty City is Rockstar's fictional take on New York City.

It certainly looks like a Liberty City badge but it's not enough to make any definitive claims. It's likely that this could be a tease of a remaster of GTA 4 or a new GTA Online expansion, but who knows? Various rumors already claimed that GTA 6 will feature a huge map with several familiar locations, including Vice City and Liberty City.

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The fan went on to reshare an article about DJ Woo claiming that GTA 6 "takes place in New York again." Of course, Rockstar Games wouldn't comment on speculations like this, but it's likely that the developer will reveal more details about GTA 6 later this year; Just don't expect it to be released anytime soon.

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