Green Lantern Director Regrets Helming Ryan Reynolds Film

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People have been making jokes about the Green Lantern film for a long time. Even Ryan Reynolds loves to poke fun at his DC flick which suffered from negative reviews back in 2011. But how does Martin Campbell feel about the movie's failure? The director just admitted that he regrets working on the film, claiming that he shouldn't have directed a superhero movie in the first place!

Martin Campbell is currently promoting his Liam Neeson film Memory but Green Lantern still comes up in most of his interviews. While talking to Screenrant, the filmmaker pointed out that comic book movies are not his greatest strength.

“No, I'm not good at superhero movies. Green Lantern? People didn't like that movie, and frankly, I shouldn't have done it," Campbell said. He continued by stating he only worked on the film because he hasn't done so before.

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"I did it because I've never done one. You work just as hard on the movies that really are not successful as you do on the ones that are. I think there are people better qualified than me to do a superhero movie,” Campbell stated.

Green Lantern may not have been his best work but Campbell still has other projects that turned out well with fans, critics, and at the box office. He is known for directing The Mask of Zorro and its 2005 sequel The Legend of Zorro. Campbell also worked on Casino Royale as well as Goldeneye. His new project Memory is another action-packed thriller that shows off his talent in fast-paced action flicks.


Green Lantern was released in 2011 and also starred Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, and Tim Robbins. The movie was expected to kickstart a franchise that was ultimately cancelled by DC and Warner Bros.

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