GOTG Concept Art Imagines Jason Momoa as Drax

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Jason Momoa may be tearing up the theaters as Aquaman right now, but he was very close to playing second fiddle to Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. Some new concept art has been released online imagining Momoa as Drax the Destroyer.

Check him out:

I have to say, I am loving this look for the character. While Dave Bautista's Drax has a lot of complicated markings on his body, this one has a more scarred look to it. I even like the little Avatar arrow that he has on his head.


While I'm sure that Momoa would have crushed the role if he were cast, I think Drax's humor has evolved from the way that Bautista delivers his lines. For now, I can't imagine anyone else playing the character. Besides, Momoa seems really happy with his status now that he's the star of what could be the most profitable movie in the DCEU franchise.

As for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the release is still to be determined. Marvel Studios has yet to announce a director to take over after James Gunn's firing. It has been confirmed though, that the film will still make use of Gunn's script for the movie—albeit there are going to be some changes depending on who decides to helm the film.

No release date has been set for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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