05 Mar 2019 1:08 PM +00:00 UTC

Good Omens: Neil Gaiman Finally Reveals Who Will Play Death In Amazon Prime Series

We already know what to expect in Good Omens considering that Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett wrote the book almost 30 years ago. Yet there is still one mystery that has been bugging fans since the Amazon Prime series was announced: Who will play Death? Luckily, Gaiman has finally revealed the actor behind the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Gaiman took to Twitter to ask, "Is anyone out there wondering who plays the part of DEATH in #GoodOmens?" Naturally, his followers immediately flooded the American Gods author with guesses and questions. The names Tom Hiddleston, Peter Capaldi, and Benedict Cumberbatch all came up but Gaiman immediately shut those guesses down. At one point, someone even asked if Gaiman himself will portray the Horseman. Luckily, someone finally got the right answer and the writer unveiled Death's teaser poster. Check it out below.

"So for anybody wondering... The amazing Brian Cox plays Death in #GoodOmens. This is what Death looks like, when he's not on a motorbike anyway. (Watch the trailer tomorrow.)," Gaiman wrote.


Just to be clear, it's Brian Cox the actor and not the physicist who will appear in Good Omens. The Scottish actor is known for his work in period pieces like Braveheart, Rob Roy, and Troy. Cox famously portrayed the villainous William Stryker in X2. Needless to say, we have little doubt that Cox will do a great job in bringing Death to life (heh heh) in the series.

The synopsis for Good Omens reads as follows:

"Based on the best-selling novel by renowned authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, this series follows the story of Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon, who have formed an unlikely friendship spanning 6,000 years and have grown fond of life on earth. However, the end of time grows near with the approaching Armageddon and they must now join forces to find a way to save the world."

The official Good Omens trailer will be released on March 6. The series will premiere on Amazon Prime on May 31.

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