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Gong Yoo Shock: Why BTS Fans Go Ecstatic After Seeing 'The Silent Sea' Star’s Instagram Post?

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

BTS’s fans go into a frenzy after Gong Yoo posted a photo of himself holding a huge fish on Instagram. Why is that so? Well, they just want him to do BTS’s Jin’s Super Tuna Challenge.

Not only that, but they also see the similarities between the fan-favorite South Korean actor and the “worldwide handsome” that makes them swoon. Though the connection is so random, it’s already a big thing for the fans.

ARMY Comparing Gong Yoo And BTS’s Jin’s Snaps

Gong Yoo rarely gives everyone a glimpse of his private life. So when he does, fans go static.

One of his latest posts shows what he does in his free time if he is not making every woman fall in love with his beauty on the big and small screen. After the success of his hit Netflix series The Silent Sea, the 42-year-old star had some fun on a boat and went fishing.

The Train to Busan actor proves his skills are not limited to acting. In fact, he successfully caught a huge fish that he showed his Instagram followers.

So when the ARMY saw it, they were all reminded of Jin’s famous track, Super Tuna, which he released on his birthday, per Koreaboo. Thanks to the singer-songwriter's visuals, the song quickly went viral and dominated the internet.

The tune itself has a catchy melody and choreography that goes well with the track. So seeing Gong Yoo holding a fish—though not a tuna—ARMY flooded his comment box with requests to do the Super Tuna Challenge.

They also found an old picture of Jin fishing and couldn’t help but compare their eerie similarities. The 29-year-old hitmaker held a huge fish like what Gong Yoo had, making fans freaked out.

Gong Yoo’s Instagram Debut

Gong Yoo marked his 20th year in the business by opening his own Instagram account, which is also his only social media page.

"We opened an official Instagram account to convey the daily life of the actor, Gong Yoo, to all his fans,” his agency, Management SOOP, said in an official statement.

The company revealed it was managing the page on his behalf and there were no other social media accounts under his name.

So, what took Gong Yoo 20 years to have his first social media page? Well, he had a good explanation for that.

“I don’t like taking selfies,” he confessed at a press conference in April 2017, via The StraitsTimes. “When I go somewhere, I'd rather be looking at the sights with my eyes rather than take pictures."

He also saw social media use as a tool “to show people.”

"Part of the reason why I don't use social media is that because it's to show people, some parts of it will not be genuine,” Gong Yoo continued. “It makes me uncomfortable to show things in a packaged way like that."

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