Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals New Look at Gohan's Super Saiyan Form

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Earlier this week, Toei Animation surprised fans when it released a new trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will see Son Gohan, Piccolo, and other Z-Fighters fight the Red Ribbon Army and their two new powerful androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The new trailer gives us a glimpse at more footage featuring Gohan and Piccolo's battles against the two androids created by Dr. Hedo. With Piccolo getting a new transformation that turns his causes his skin to undergo some changes, it looks like Gohan is also getting a slight change to his Super Saiyan form that will be shown as he fights Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gohan
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Credit: Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gohan

Back in the anime's Tournament of Power, Gohan had stated that he was seeking power outside of Super Saiyan, but now, in this upcoming movie, it looks like he's relying once again to his Super Saiyan transformation that changes his hair to blond. It looks like the son of Goku is able to find a way to incorporate his Ultimate Form with the legendary transformation during his battle with the new androids.

Over on Twitter, user Salad Saiyan shared screenshots from the latest trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heros , highlighting the movie's new take on Gohan's Super Saiyan transformation which might suggest that Gohan is able to improve upon the form that he once left during the Tournament of Power.


As you can see in the snippets above, Gohan's eyes in his Super Saiyan form look pretty cool in CGI.

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You can watch the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero below:


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to release in Japanese theaters on April 22, 2022. Toei Animation also announced that the movie is releasing in North American theaters this summer, and expect other regions to get official release dates soon. You can read more details about the upcoming anime movie here.