Godzilla vs Kong Joins A Quiet Place 2 in Making History in the Pandemic Box Office Era

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Godzilla vs Kong has made major waves ever since it was released last March 2021. Many fans loved the movie and it was even one of the best movies to be released in 2021. The movie's spring debut even helped uplift the film industry during the pandemic.

The Kaiju film has hit a major milestone once again in the pandemic era of the box office. Thanks to the film's big domestic gross, the film have officially made $100 million USD domestically. It is only one of the two films that reached a milestone ever since the pandemic started.

Forbes reported that Godzilla vs Kong reached more than $100 million in the box office, even though it started quite slow but still remained steady. The Kaiju sequel is the second movie to hit the milestone after A Quiet Place Part II hit the $100 million mark. Warner Brothers' monster film has been trudging towards this milestone ever since it was released.

Fans are elated with the huge push of the domestic numbers. Godzilla vs Kong is also loved overseas. The film has reached $441 million worldwide ever since it was released. The best part is that its release in Japan is set in July which means its box office gains will continue to rise.

Experts didn't expect Godzilla vs Kong to reach $475 million but it remained persistent in the box office. The numbers didn't even include the number of subscriptions added to HBO Max when it was released on the platform which means that the movie likely made so much more than the box office.

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