God of War Gets Long-Awaited New Game Plus Mode This Month

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God of War, sometimes called God of War 4 by fans to differentiate it from the PS2 original, is currently one of the best exclusives out right now on Sony's console. Featuring some great, emotional storytelling and fun combat, it is worthy of all the accolades that critics have given it. While good games, many felt that it lacked replay value after the main story was done, even though there are a good amount of side quests.

Santa Monica Studios is looking to fix that, as they announced a release date for the highly anticipated New Game Plus. First announced during E3, the mode will be coming out this month, on August 20. That's not too far from now and should be a worthwhile endeavor for hardcore fans of the game.

This mode will have a couple of new features, as detailed on the US PlayStation Blog. Fans will be able to skip cutscenes if they want to head straight into the action, which is great for those that will be returning to the game. Players will also have new equipment to forge, which should give us plenty of extra incentive to replay the game.

Here's a full list of the new features:


God of War is available now on the PS4.

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