Why Was Goblin Cursed in the K-Drama?

Kim Shin's mortal life as the fearsome general before turning into a Goblin
Credit: tvN

Kim Shin's mortal life as the fearsome general before turning into a Goblin
Credit: tvN

Kim Shin lived the life of a great and brave warrior general in his past life before turning into a Goblin. Though he accomplished his duties, what led the gods to put such a terrible curse of immortality on him?

Curses are the burdens fantastical beings must learn to live with after having committed the greatest sins in their past life.

Now, the question is, what great sin has Kim Shin done to receive a 900-year-old Goblin curse?

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The Curse of Goblin Explained: How Did Kim Shin Die?

How Kim Shin must repent for his life as a Goblin
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Credit: tvN

Kim Shin may have served his kingdom well by coming onto the battlefield to fight along the side of his soldiers, but this wasn’t seen as heroic or honorable.

King Wang Yeo believed Kim Shin was attempting to throw him off the throne for being stronger and having the people trust him more than the royals.

If that wasn’t enough to cause the King to execute Kim Shin, his own wife (Kim Shin’s younger sister) protected and sided with her brother.

As Kim Shin believed he should sacrifice himself so as to spare the people from getting killed under the instruction of the King, he was struck with the cursed sword through his chest which led to his honorable death.

Unfortunately, it is through that death that he discovered the curse he had been bestowed with.

Why Was Kim Shin Cursed?

Goblin struggling on a deserted place between heaven and earth
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Credit: tvN

As it turned out, the cursed sword was called such for a reason. It was explained in the first episode by an old woman peddler:

“When a powerful desire dwells in an object that has either been touched by mortal souls or has blood on it, it becomes a Goblin.
A sword smeared with blood from countless battles was enchanted with a powerful desire bedewed with its master’s blood. Only the bride of the Goblin will be able to draw the sword. Once it’s drawn, he will cease to exist and be at peace.”

The old woman was later revealed to be the goddess of birth and fate, the reason why Kim Shin got the curse. It was a form of punishment for the bloodshed he caused during battle.

As a form of repentance, the Goblin must then serve the people in his immortal life by granting their sincerest wishes.

The sword embedded across his chest becomes the symbol of the burden he must carry through his lifetime. That is until he finds his destined human wife.

Who knew that the woman whose life he saved after being run down by a car was none other than the mother of his future wife?

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