GLAAD Criticizes Marvel and Warner Bros. For Lacking LGBT Characters in Films

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Superhero movies have come a long way, with most of them now expected to be blockbuster hits. Marvel has become one of Hollywood's biggest studios and Warner Bros. is still trying to salvage the DC characters after messes like Batman V Superman and Justice League. Even with all of that though, both studios have been criticized for lacking LGBT characters.

GLAAD has taken both studios to task for their lack of LGBT characters on the big screen. The company noted how the success of Black Panther and Wonder Woman prove that audiences are ready for more diverse characters, so there is officially no excuse for the lack of LGBT representation.

Considering how both Marvel and DC have a wide array of LGBT characters in their comics, some of whom have even appeared on television shows, their lack of on-screen presence in the movies is pretty questionable.


Wonder Woman comic writer Greg Rucka recently confirmed that Diana was bisexual since growing up in an island filled with women will do that to you, but we haven't seen that in the movies. Thor: Ragnarok's Valkyrie was hyped up as bisexual early on by actress Tessa Thompson but the theatrical release ended up cutting whatever traces of it were there.

It seems like both companies have a way to go before they perfect representation and it must be frustrating for members of the LGBT. At least there's Deadpool 2.

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