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Girls' Generation Taeyeon Releases Digital Single Ahead Of Upcoming New Album

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Girls’ Generation’s leader and main vocalist Taeyeon has just released her new digital pre-release single “Can’t Control Myself” on January 17. Through the recent track, Taeyeon continuously proves herself as a trustworthy vocalist capable of letting listeners experience a wide range of emotions.

In particular, this track gives fans a major surprise that is far from her light and colorful image with the previous single “Weekend,” which was released in July 2021.

SM Entertainment unveiled the digital pre-release single “Can’t Control Myself” from Taeyeon’s forthcoming third full album on January 17. The song is a pop-punk ballad with an explosive sound that elicits a wide range of emotions, which Taeyeon expertly communicates with each note.

It’s no surprise that the song is a wonderful match for the singer’s graceful presence, given that she helped and participated in writing the lyrics.

The misery and suffering of a person who continues to go back to a hazardous relationship and continually desires the other’s heart and attention are captured in the lyrics for “Can’t Control Myself.”

Taeyeon and her amazing acting skills + heaven-sent vocals

Alongside the digital pre-release single was the release of a cinematic music video that had every fan in awe. The music video for “Can’t Control Myself” created a dramatic visual beauty similar to a theatrical stage.

Specifically, the music video was rich with imagery and symbolism that contributed to the release’s feeling of immersion, especially when combined with Taeyeon’s excellent acting as a woman who has been profoundly hurt by love.

As the music video begins with Taeyeon washing filth and blood off her hands and face in front of a mirror, her voice resonates in the background, which immediately creates the mood.

Several images of Taeyeon trying to go back to the man appear throughout the music video, and we get to see many breathtaking scenes.

One memorable scene is where a distraught Taeyeon attempts to communicate her inner feelings to the man, who appears to be solely interested in the audience’s reaction.

Another is the last scene which left viewers with an astonishing sight of Taeyeon smiling despite suffering as the curtains closed.

Taeyeon is scheduled to release 3rd full album in February

Fans and the general public would agree that Taeyeon always brings something fresh to the Kpop industry. It was a fascinating sight how her lovely voice emanated millions of emotions in just a couple of minutes.

And fans are up to much more great music as Taeyeon will release her 3rd full album sometime in February 2022. With “Can’t Control Myself” serving as a pre-release single, fans can’t wait for the upcoming release as it will be an automatic masterpiece.

Taeyeon's pre-release single "Can't Control Myself" has a music video, which you can see here.

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