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Girls’ Frontline Episode 5 Release Date

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In episode four, entitled, “SILENCE01”, M4 was able to contact her teammates while she recovered in the repair room. M16 was able to respond to the call then AR-15. With this, MP5 and the rest of the team took M4 to meet Commander Gentaine. The commander granted M4’s request to rescue her other teammates.

M4 was accompanied by three Echelon forces to go to the city where AR-15 was last found. This area was now occupied by the SF Forces. The mission was a success as M4 was reunited with SOPII.

The latter T-Doll explained that their communication with M4 was discovered by SF so AR-15 pretended to be a decoy to help SOPII escape. During the rescue mission, Hunter, a Sangvis ringleader, took AR-15 as bait to get M4.

How will M4 and the rest of the team save AR-15? Find out in Girls’ Frontline episode five.

Girls’ Frontline Episode 5 Details

Girls’ Frontline Episode 5 Release Date
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Credit: Funimation
Girls’ Frontline Episode 5 Release Date

The continuation of the story will be available on February 5, 2022.

Entitled “SILENCE02”, the episode will be released on Tokyo MX, BS11, and AT-X. Anime fans from Southeast Asia can stream the episodes on Muse Communication’s channels. Western audiences or those residing outside of Asia can anticipate the new episodes on Funimation.

Another good news is that Funimation has a trial period for non-members to access the site for free. This will let them watch their favourite titles without worrying about monthly fees.

However, to get exciting perks like ad-free shows and simulcasts one hour after Japan, viewers must become members. Membership will cost $5.99 per month or $5.99 per year. As members, they can enjoy ad-free shows, offline viewing, and access to the anime and manga libraries.

Western audiences can watch the episodes with English subtitles. The streaming platform has not confirmed if the title will have a dubbed version or not. It would be best to wait for Crunchyroll’s official announcement regarding this one.

Now that M4 is back with her group, she has realized that the dolls are no longer working as individual units but as a group. M4 and SOPII started working with their new teammates to defeat SF and find AR-15. Will the mission be successful?

Girls’ Frontline Episode 5 Countdown

Girls’ Frontline Episode 5 Countdown

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