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Gina Carano Mocks Disney with Poll Suggesting Most Americans Support Her Following Firing

Credit: The Daily Wire

Gina Carano's shocking ousting from Lucasfilm is still being talked about by Star Wars fans a full month after it all transpired. Unsurprisingly, the reactions regarding the issue have been mixed with a lot of fans rejoicing that the controversial actress "got what she deserved" while others believe that the actress is a victim of Hollywood's double standards and Disney's alleged agenda against conservatives.

Since Carano's firing, the former mixed martial arts fighter has returned to her usual social media routine after weeks of being silent. Naturally, the ex-Cara Dune actress has been throwing major shade at Lucasfilm and Disney, exposing their "abusive" and "manipulative" ways on her platform, even going as far as calling them "bullies".

Now, if you think Gina is done retaliating, you got it all wrong. In a new set of tweets, she is once again throwing major shade at her former company through an online poll which suggests that most Americans condemn Disney and Lucasfilm's unjust treatment of her. The said poll was conducted by Survey Monkey (via Western Journal) and commissioned by The Daily Wire, Gina's new "allies".

A few hours after Carano retweeted the poll, she took to social media yet again after noticing unusual activity on the said post where the likes seem to decrease in a matter of minutes. She didn't say much about it but judging by the tone of her tweet, it pretty much suggests that Carano is thinking something's up. Check it out here:

It's looking highly unlikely that the two parties will ever kiss-and-make-up considering how messy the situation has become but I don't think it's part of Carano's agenda anyway. If anything, she's just out to seek retribution for what happened to her in the company and you best believe that we haven't heard the last of her revelations.

Meanwhile, Carano is set to direct, produce, and star in her own feature-length film with the help of The Daily Wire.

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