(G)I-DLE: Miyeon Gains Praise For 'Compelling' Visuals, 'Enchanting' Beauty

Credit: (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: (G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube Screenshot

(G)I-DLE quickly gained massive success following their debut more than three years ago. They have had a fruitful journey, which continues to this day.

The all-female K-pop group last released a music production earlier in April. While they have yet to make a comeback, the five members are currently active in their respective solo careers.

Recently, Miyeon, who debuted as the main vocalist of the act, is receiving tons of attention. She has repeatedly made the headlines these past few weeks for various reasons.

The most recent one centered on her visuals as fans shared their appreciation for it. AllKpop reported that they seemingly gathered on an online platform to “marvel” at the idol’s beauty.

Fans Marveled At Her Beauty

On December 7, a netizen posted a series of photos, featuring (G)I-DLE member Miyeon, on Nate/Pann. Apart from the current images of the idol, it also included pictures of her during her childhood years.

It appears to be an appreciation post for the K-pop star’s “compelling” and “enchanting” beauty. It has amassed numerous reactions from other fans, sharing praises and compliments toward the South Korean celebrity.

Some of the comments reportedly refer to her as the “perfect example of beauty.” Others seemingly agree, with many of them adding that her “facial features are perfect.”

Miyeon And Her Recent Web Series Gigs

Weeks prior, Miyeon also made the headlines because of her latest series projects. Two titles premiered in November alone, wherein she played main roles.

Delivery, which served as her second web series stint, dropped on YouTube and IPTV on November 12. It is the series project, wherein the (G)I-DLE member had to attend action school as part of the preparation for her character.

On the same day, her third web series also emerged on a different platform. Adult Trainee, which is a multi-part material, officially premiered on TVING.

It houses a total of seven episodes, covering the three parts of the title. The plot revolves around a group of young individuals, including the (G)I-DLE member’s character, as they explore their struggles with love.

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