Ghostbusters: Afterlife Delayed to 2021 Because of the Coronavirus

Ghostbusters: Afterlife was going to be the resurgence for this franchise, giving us a de-boot that actually goes back to the previous continuity while also acting as a starting point for the franchise. It was clearly based on Stranger Things or It, starring younger characters and having them save the world from a paranormal threat. Of course, instead of DnD monsters or an evil clown who turns into a spider, the threat would have been Slimer and other ghosts.

Unfortunately, Sony has announced that the movie will be delayed to 2021 due to the gosh darn Coronavirus. Since they clearly want to sell this movie to people with money, they have to move the date to a time when this whole epidemic might be over. According to Variety, the film will now be moved to March 5, 2021, moving away from its original July 10 release this year.

While most of us would have thought that June or July would be a safe time to release this movie, it looks like Sony wants to take every precaution they can. Even if things end up being much safer, there's a good chance that a bigger movie from Disney or another company might take up that spot. Either way, we can't blame Sony for doing that.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will now be showing on March 5, 2021. Here's hoping that the wait is going to be worth it.

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