Ghost of Tsushima Movie Gets Awesome Update Following The Last of Us Success

The Last of Us has proven to be a huge success not just for HBO but as a live-action adaptation of a video game. Needless to say, the series has made it clear that we could look forward to more amazing video game shows and films. So it's no surprise that Chad Stahelski believes that his movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima is going to have the same kind of success.

Back in 2021, it was announced that Chad Stahelski is developing a live-action adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima. Since then, there haven't been a lot of updates on the project but the John Wick: Chapter 4 director was happy to discuss its development now that The Last of Us has proven to be a huge success.

Stahelski was recently a guest on BroBible's Post-Credit Podcast where he admitted that he is hoping that The Last of Us will shine a further light on upcoming video game adaptions.

“I hope so,” Stahelski said. “Rainbow Six, Ghost of Tsushima — I’m working on. Both are fantastic projects that I really hope come to fruition. But Ghost… it’s got an amazing story.”

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“It’s the anti-samurai samurai movie. It’s got great thematics. We have a lot of push on that and a lot of interest because Last of Us pushing that, yes, the curse of video game-to-movie is kind of lifted. It can be done,” he added.

“You’ve just got to give it love and attention. And Ghost, of probably all the other video game [movies] in development, I think that’s the one that’s going to land,” Stahelski concluded.

We certainly agree with Chad Stahelski and believe that Ghost of Tsushima has all the potential to be one of the biggest video game adaptations in the future.

For now, the Ghost of Tsushima film is still in development. In the meantime, Stahelski's latest project John Wick: Chapter 4 will premiere in theaters on March 24, 2023.

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