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Ghost Doctor Episode 8 Release Date And Time, Preview

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Ghost Doctor is the newest tvN Kdrama that stars Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, and APINK Son Naeun.

It depicts the story of a genius doctor with impressive surgery skills despite his arrogant and selfish character. After getting involved in an accident, his soul wanders the hospital and possesses a young doctor’s body to conduct surgeries for critical patients.

The series has been seeing a small yet steady rise in ratings since its premiere on January 3, 2022. Ghost Doctor Episode 7 received a nationwide viewership rating of 6.202%, which was a new personal best for the Kdrama.

Here is what happened in Ghost Doctor Episode 7 and what viewers can expect in episode 8.

Ghost Doctor Episode 7 Recap

Ghost Doctor Episode 7 sees Young Min and Seung Tak sharing a heartwarming moment after saving someone’s life. This unfamiliar feeling makes Seung Tak curious about what it’s like every time a doctor performs a successful operation.

The two started to wonder what kind of connection they had and why Young Min could only possess Seung Tak’s body. Back in the hospital, Doctor Ahn Tae Hyun takes all the credit as the lead surgeon of the operation where Seung Tak took over.

On the other hand, Seung Tak realizes that despite the selfish and arrogant image, Young Min is still a warm person who takes good care of his patients.

Se Jin finds out about the real situation of her father. She visits him from time to time and finally discovers her brother’s ill intention.

Meanwhile, Se Jin manages to find out what is wrong with one of her patients. Young Min then sees Jessica, who comes back for another surgery.

He wants to operate for her, but Seung Tak thinks otherwise. It turns out that Seung Tak overheard the other ghosts and discovered that Young Min’s life is in danger every time he possesses his body.

Ghost Doctor Episode 7 also highlights a complicated conversation between the two in the middle of a critical patient. Seung Tak musters his courage and stops the medic from pulling the patient out of the hospital.

Ghost Doctor Episode 8 Release Date

Ghost Doctor Episode 8 will be released on Tuesday, January 25, 2022. The new tvN series releases new episodes every Sunday. International fans and viewers can also stream Ghost Doctor Episode 8 on iQIYI and Viu with English subtitles.

Ghost Doctor Episode 8 Release Time

Ghost Doctor Episode 8 is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2022, Tuesday, at 10:30 PM KST. The tvN series releases its new episodes on iQIYI and Viu hours after its original network release.

If this timeline is strictly followed, you can find the approximate releases of the series according to the following time zones.

  • Central Time: 7:30 AM (January 25)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 1:30 PM (January 25)
  • Eastern Time: 8:30 AM (January 25)
  • Pacific Time: 5:30 AM (January 25)
  • Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (January 25)

Ghost Doctor Episode 8 Preview

Ghost Doctor Episode 8 preview sees Young Min and Seung Tak reuniting to perform difficult operations from critical patients. The two managed to meet halfway with several conditions to make their partnership effective.

On the other hand, Su Jeong seems to have understood Seung Tak's situation. Ever since the first episodes, there were several hints that Su Jeong might have noticed that Seung Tak can see ghosts.

The preview for the next episode will also reveal whether Se Jin’s patient will be of help in the traffic accident that Young Min got into.

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