Ghost Doctor Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap + Will Rain's Young Min Remember Kim Bum's Seung Tak?

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Ghost Doctor is a tvN Kdrama that tells the story of a genius doctor who has impressive surgery skills. As the hospital’s greatest doctor, he performs difficult surgeries but is arrogant and selfish in treating patients he assumes have no chance of living.

After getting involved in an accident, his soul wanders to the hospital. Accidentally, he discovers that he can possess a young doctor’s body and starts to conduct surgeries for critical patients while discovering the truth about his accident.

The series premiered on January 3, 2022, starring Rain (Ju Ji Hoon), Kim Bum, Uee, and APINK Son Naeun. Ghost Doctor aired every Monday and Tuesday on tvN at 10:30 PM KST. International viewers could also stream the Kdrama online through iQIYI and Viu hours after its original network release.

Ghost Doctor concluded on February 22, 2022, with an average nationwide viewership rating of 7.953%. This became the personal best of the show, higher than its previous personal best of 6.597% in episode 8.

Here is the Ghost Doctor ending explained and the major points that viewers have to know about the Rain and Kim Bum-starred Kdrama.

Ghost Doctor Episode 16 Recap

Ghost Doctor Episode 16 sees Seung Tak and Young Min getting ready for the latter’s surgery. It turns out that another coma ghost, Choi Hoon Gil, also has his surgery with Se Jin on the same day.

Before the important day, Kook Chan’s body was transferred to another hospital. He bid farewell to Seung Tak and Young Min and was relieved that he could now leave the hospital and grasp fresh air.

However, as Hoon Gil revealed, Kook Chan had few days left to live, and the latter suggested that he should be transferred near his family’s residence so that he could see them frequently before he leaves the world.

Realizing all the days he had been ruthless to patients who had little chances to live, Young Min sees Tes for the last time and shares his frustrations. Tes also said his farewell and hoped that Young Min’s surgery would turn out well so that he could wake up as soon as possible.

Why did Young Min let Ahn Tae Hyun do his surgery with Seung Tak?

Young Min let Ahn Tae Hyun assist him on his surgery because he still trusted his skills as a doctor. Young Min has been training him to be a better doctor all the time.

Se Jin refused the idea at first, but because Seung Tak said he believed in Young Min, the surgery proceeded with Tae Hyun assisting the procedure.

Thankfully, the surgery went well even though Young Min was kicked out of Seung Tak’s body at the very crucial moment.

Seung Tak gathered his courage and focused on saving Young Min’s life. He put into action all the lessons and practices he did and was able to finish the surgery successfully.

Before impatience took over Ahn Tae Hyun because of Han Seung Wan’s offer, Young Min has been putting up good points for the former so that he could be promoted to a higher position. Knowing about this from Ban Tae Sik, Tae Hyun felt guilty and immediately surrendered himself to the police a day after.

Tae Hyun brought evidence that can prove Han Seung Wan’s evilness. The police took Seung Wan for investigation, which only means that he will now pay for all his sins; therefore, the position as the hospital’s chairman is now vacant.

Ghost Doctor Ending Explained: Did Young Min remember Seung Tak and everything that happened while he was a coma ghost?

Young Min wakes up a couple of days after his surgery. It seemed that he did not remember anything and ignored Seung Tak and Se Jin’s kind gestures.

Disappointed, Seung Tak continues helping the residents until he sees a video saved on his phone. It turns out that Young Min recorded himself under Seung Tak’s body and left a video message to himself.

Even though half of the video’s message is cringy, watching this warmed Seung Tak's heart. Seung Tak attempted to approach Young Min once more and tried to get on his nerves hoping that he would remember a little bit of what they experienced together during the three months.

It turns out that Young Min was only pretending that he doesn’t remember anything. He starts to reprimand Seung Tak for not stitching him evenly. Filled with relief, Seung Tak hugged his professor and continued bugging him for the following days.

Then, after 22 years, Tes finally faced Soo Jung, and it was obvious how the young lady realized that she was talking to her grandfather. Tes went to have an emotional farewell with Seung Tak before leaving the hospital for good.

Se Jin also returns from the US after working on her documents so that she can now stay with Young Min. The two make up for the years they have hated each other because of misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Young Min comes to the hospital after fully recovering. Young Min also learned a huge lesson that he ignored during his early years as a doctor. He sees Seung Tak, and it marked the start of their bickering yet fulfilling relationship as two doctors who have the same goal– saving lives.

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