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Ghost Doctor Actresses Uee And Son Naeun To Guest In Amazing Saturday

Credit: Amazing Saturday/YouTube Screenshot

Ghost Doctor stars Uee and Son Naeun are up for a fun-filled Saturday night as they will be the next quests for the tvN variety show Amazing Saturday.

In the preview for the next episode, Uee and Naeun are seen wearing their doctor robes to promote their ongoing Kdrama Ghost Doctor. Uee is a neurosurgeon who was in love with Rain’s character in the series, while Naeun is an emergency room intern who has good skills and is friends with Kim Bum’s character.

The host of the show, Boom, introduces the two gracefully and mentions that this was the first time two sets of guests from the same program have come to promote on Amazing Saturday.

In particular, Rain and Kim Bum appeared on the show in December 2021 and promoted Ghost Doctor.

Uee confesses that she is a fan of Amazing Saturday

Lots of guests have come to the studio of Amazing Saturday with several requests and resolutions. Some even announced how good they are at the game and that they will 100% help the members solve the dictation problem so they can all have a bountiful meal.

On the other hand, Uee reveals that she is a huge fan of Amazing Saturday. She proves how she always watches the show and impresses the cast members with her abundance of information and statistics gleaned from all of the episodes she has watched as an audience.

However, it seems that Uee is having a hard time bringing her admiration to the show to life as she makes several awkward blunders during the problem-solving.

Uee also mentions that she is a fan of Haetnim, the YouTuber on the show who eats the featured meal when the members fail to solve the problem.

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Naeun steps up the game

In the preview for the next episode of Amazing Saturday, Naeun is seen doing her best as she is similarly filled with zeal and passion when it comes to raising her hand to give an answer.

Taeyeon also observes that Naeun is doing her best during the dictation problem and reveals that she has prepared a few tricks to impress the cast members.

Unlike Uee, who is having a hard time providing a share on solving the dictation problem, Naeun steps up the game and actively participates the best she can.

The preview for the next episode of Amazing Saturday also sees Uee and Naeun filled with passion as they take center stage to present a fierce dance performance. After all, Uee is a former member of After School, and Naeun is a member of Apink.

Meanwhile, episode 198 of Amazing Saturday will be released on February 5 at 7:40 PM. The show will be aired on tvN and is also available for online streaming on Viu hours after the original network’s release.

On the other hand, you can watch Ghost Doctor on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 PM KST. The series is also available for online streaming on Viki, Viu, and iQIYI.

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