George R.R. Martin Says He’s ‘Back in Westeros’ in Winds of Winter Update

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George R.R. Martin last year had promised he would be done with Winds of Winter by July 2020, but the month has come and gone and we have not gotten any update. Now Martin has given us a new entry on his blog, and though the book doesn't look to be done, he seems to be back at work on the much-awaited book.

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Martin writes:


I am back in my fortress of solitude again, my isolated mountain cabin. I'd returned to Santa Fe for a short visit, to spend some time with Parris, deal with some local business that had piled up during my months away, and of course fulfill my duties to CoNZealand, the virtual worldcon. But all that is behind me now, and I am back on the mountain again… which means I am back in Westeros again, once more moving ahead with WINDS OF WINTER.

Martin doesn't really give any update on the progress of the book, but he does spend a lot of the post talking about how he has changed his writing method from writing at home to writing in an office, and now writing in a mountain cabin.

At this point, I think fans have already resigned to the idea that Winds of Winter will be coming anytime soon. I guess it's great that Martin is writing again, but we don't know how long that's going to take moving forward. You'd think he'd spend the time in quarantine writing, but I guess even he's finding a hard time trying to end the story.

He ends the post with:

For the nonce, it is what it is. My life is at home, on hold, and I am spending the days in Westeros with my pals Mel and Sam and Vic and Ty. And that girl with no name, over there in Braavos.

No release date has been set for The Winds of Winter.

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