George R.R. Martin Says The Final Season of Game of Thrones Was Almost a Film Trilogy

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It's kind of funny how Game of Thrones was the talk of the town at one point but now that the final season has kicked fans in the down under, the show has essentially been forgotten during the start of 2020. Aside from hardcore fans of the show, you'll rarely find anyone talking about the series, moving on to more promising upstarts like The Witcher or a cool anime.

As we wait for Game of Thrones: Brotherhood or whatever the "real" adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire is called, original author George R.R. Martin has revealed some intriguing plans for the final season. Speaking with German outlet Welt (and translated by fans on Reddit), Martin reveals that there were plans to make the final season a film trilogy. This was a long discussion he had with HBO since it was discussed for a number of years.

Here's the author's translated response:

"Besides from that, we actually considered this option: David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the makers behind the TV show, wanted to finish the saga with three big movies after Season 7. Game of Thrones was supposed to end in cinema. It was seriously discussed four to five years ago."

To be honest, it's hard to say if a film trilogy would have made the final season better. After all, some of the episodes almost ran for two hours so it's arguable that they almost felt like films in some parts. Then again, Martin has stated in the past that he was hoping to see Game of Thrones run for more than eight seasons so there's a good chance that the trilogy would have come after much better build-up.

We'll never know, sadly.

Game of Thrones can be streamed on all of the HBO apps, including the upcoming HBO Max but do you really want to watch it again? Let us know in the comments below.

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