George R.R. Martin Loved Captain Marvel, Says She Can Eat Iron Man for Breakfast

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Even without all of the sexists and "kkkomicgators" around, Captain Marvel has garnered a bit of a mixed reception. Those who know how to think rationally think that it's a competently made film but is a bit lackluster when compared to previous Marvel movies, with some even saying that it feels like a phase one MCU film. Then there are those who love it, like Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin.

On his personal blog, Martin praised the film for being very entertaining and even states that Captain Marvel would eat Iron Man for breakfast and Thor for dessert. While it's debatable if she is stronger than Thor, she would definitely hand Iron Man his metal butt without any problems. If you need any proof, check out the final issue of Civil War II though be forewarned; the comic is not that great.

While he did enjoy the film, Martin did have a few things he didn't like about it. Like many others, he didn't like how Mar-Vell was revealed to be a woman in the end since the character was a Kree male back in the day. Some would argue that he was a boring, vanilla character but he still has fans and Martin brings up how The Death of Captain Marvel is one of the publisher's best works.


Still, it's nice to see somebody enjoy the movie this much and we can only hope that a sequel does well. In the meantime George, can you finish that last book already? Fans need to know how it ends so they can complain about the HBO version.

Captain Marvel is now showing in theaters.

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