George Lucas Tells Autograph Seekers To "Get A Job"

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Photo credit: Nicolas Genin/ 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

A lot of fans would pay for Star Wars-related items with the autograph of the legendary George Lucas, but the filmmaker who's forever linked with the science fantasy saga that changed the world isn't known for his autograph signings and public appearances. When autograph seekers try to get autographs for the purpose of selling them found out where Lucas had been having dinner, he obliged their requests as he tried to get to his vehicle. Then Lucas shared his thoughts about the money-making scheme.


While TMZ was trying to ask Lucas questions regarding the status of the untitled Han Solo film, the filmmaker looked perturbed while getting autograph requests.

Right after a person asked for one autograph, Lucas said, "I'm not going to keep doing that, guys. This is $200 a signature so why don't you just go out and get a job."

"These people are here to make money, they're not fans, they just wanna make money," Lucas explained, addressing the cameras.

Right before Lucas was interrupted, he calmly answered some questions about Star Wars, and when he was asked about the choice of Ron Howard to direct the Han Solo film, he said, "I think he'll be great." When a follow-up question about whether or not Lucas had advice for Howard, he just said, "Nope, not my job."

If you want to see how it went, you can watch the video from TMZ below:

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