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George Lucas Rumored to Have Met with Disney to Discuss New Star Wars Trilogy

Credit: Lucasfilm

It's no secret that Star Wars' sequel trilogy wasn't able to captivate avid fans of the franchise and although The Force Awakens showed a tremendous amount of promise, it still relied on the old formula instead of creating something that was entirely new. There's no gentle way to say it but it was a colossal failure that was doomed from the start. Still, Disney is sticking to its guns by keeping the sequels canon to the Skywalker saga despite clamor from fans to rehash it completely.

Thankfully, Lucasfilm found gold in The Mandalorian but despite the fact that the hit Disney+ series was somehow able to remove the bitter taste the sequels left in a lot of fans' mouths, let's face it, the Mandoverse can't exist forever and whether fans like it or not, it will still lead to the divisive trilogy.

However, a new report suggests that Lucasfilm is determined to turn things around and current plans call for George Lucas to make his Star Wars return and work on a brand new trilogy. Overlord DVD's Doomcock, Lucas recently met with Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Bob Iger, and Bob Chapek to discuss a potential project, presumably when the Mandoverse finally concludes.

With the Skywalker saga finally coming to an end in 2019, it'll be interesting to see whether this new trilogy will pick up where The Rise of Skywalker left off or they'll create a new universe altogether. I believe the best move right now is to just acknowledge the existence of the sequels and do a redemption story for characters like Rey and Finn who were pretty much victims of bad writing.

The entire Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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Credit: Lucasfilm