23 Dec 2019 4:29 PM +00:00 UTC

Geoff Johns Teases More Green Lantern News Outside of Comics

It looks like DC fans are going to get even more Green Lantern news soon.

Speaking in an interview with Newsarama, comic book writer and former DC executive Geoff Johns decided to open up about his upcoming projects, and it seems like he's hinting at details for another Green Lantern project that he claims to be "outside (of) comics."

"It's a really exciting year to have Doomsday Clock finished up," Johns explained. "I'm doing more comics. Stargirl trailer's out. Wonder Woman's on its way. And a lot of work with Green Lantern outside comics that hopefully you'll hear about soon."


Could Johns be referring to the Green Lantern Corps movie that's long since been in production purgatory? The project's script was penned by Johns and there were reports circulating that the comic book writer could complete work by the end of the year.

Last year, during interviews with the press, Johns talked about the effort that he put into the script, though he didn't really reveal much about the project's story.

Though we don't really know much about the film, we're excited to see what Johns has in store, because the writer has promised to fans that he's doing everything that he can to get the story for the movie just right.

Besides the Green Lantern movie, DC is also working on a Green Lantern television series that's on its way to premiere on the HBO Max streaming platform. The project is to be produced by Arrowverse executive Greg Berlanti.

Let's wait and see what Johns means by his unannounced Green Lantern project.

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