Gaten Matarazzo Offers Stranger Things Season 4 Production Update

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It looks like some major productions will finally resume within the next few weeks. But could the same thing happen for Stranger Things Season 4? Gaten Matarazzo has just shared an update on what's happening for the Netflix series but it isn't very hopeful.

Matarazzo recently attended a virtual panel for GalaxyCon Live where he was asked how things are going for Stranger Things. Not surprisingly, the young actor confirmed that "work is on pause" right now due to the coronavirus outbreak but also shared how much work they have put in for the fourth season.


"We were in the middle of filming [Season] 4 and then they said, 'Nope!' They said two-week break, and we've been gone for three months," Matarazzo said.

For now, Matarazzo is at home but he admitted that he wishes he was already working on Stranger Things.

"When it comes to being a part of the show in general, it has me being away from home for a very long time. Due to the pandemic I've been home for quite a bit and getting to relax here," Matarazzo said. "I've been kind of getting antsy trying to get back into work, just because we've been [away] for a very long time. We're usually in Atlanta filming for seven, eight months, and so it takes a while, it's more than half the year where I'm away."


It's great to know that Matarazzo is getting enough home time but it's also understandable why he wants to get started on Season 4 as soon as possible. After all, the previous season concluded on a cliffhanger and there is little doubt that everyone wants to know what will happen next. Hopefully, there will be a positive update on when production will resume in the next few weeks.

Stranger Things Season 4 has not yet been given an official premiere date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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