GameStop Reportedly Offering Full Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds

GameStop is reportedly the latest retailer that are now offering full refunds for gamers who purchased Cyberpunk 2077. Amazingly, the refunds apply although the game has already been opened.

The revelation comes from Kotaku, which cites an internal memo that has been sent to GameStop employees. The memo urges the employees to accept all Cyberpunk 2077 returns on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This includes games that have already been opened.

It's important to note that the instruction is very different from GameStop's official return policy which states that full refunds are only available for unopened products. However, it looks like the company is making Cyberpunk 2077 an exception. On the other hand, the game must still be returned within 30 days of purchase to get a full refund.

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So why is GameStop making an exception for Cyberpunk 2077? Interestingly, the memo also instructs the employees to label the games as "Defective" before sending them back to the company's warehouse.

GameStop is just one of several retailers that have been offering refunds for Cyberpunk 2077. Best Buy, Sony, and Microsoft have previously been confirmed to loosen up on their return policy as well.

CD Projekt Red has previously apologized for the title's glitches. The developer's parent company CD Projekt also acknowledged that the game was not ready for release.

"We definitely did not spend enough time looking at that," Michał Nowakowski, SVP Business Development at CD Projekt, said. "I wouldn't say that we felt any external or internal pressure to launch on the date – other than the normal pressure, which is typical for any release. So that was not the cause."

GameStop has neither confirmed nor denied the full refunds for Cyberpunk 2077. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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