Game of Thrones’ Queen of Thorns, Diana Rigg, has Passed Away

Game of Thrones may have ended with a fizzle, but fans won't forget how great the characters all were before the story went down the toilet. One character who managed to escape the whole shit-show was Olenna Tyrell a.k.a. the Queen of Thorns. Bad news for fans though, because news has it that actress Dame Diana Rigg, who played Lady Tyrell, has passed away at the age of 82.

Rigg's agent had released a statement to the BBC saying, "She died peacefully early this morning… She was at home with her family who have asked for privacy at this difficult time."

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Credit: HBO

Though fans now may know Rigg best for her work on Thrones, she has had a very prolific career, her big break happening in the 60s with her role as Emma Peel in The Avengers. She has been nominated for several Emmy awards and has even won the Tony for the lead actress with her work on Medea. Rigg has also been nominated four times for Oustanding Guest Actress with her role as Lady Olenna.

While it seems like fans have been endlessly been whining about how Season 8 was so bad, it's kind of great how the show was able to sendoff Rigg in the most spectacular fashion before everything burst into flames. Lady Olenna may not have been a warrior, but Rigg's performance gave us a strong woman who managed to stay in the game because of her intelligence and wits. Not to mention her comebacks are legendary.

Rest in peace, Queen of Thorns.

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