Game of Thrones: Dunk and Egg Spin-off Finds New Screenwriter

We're still waiting for House of the Dragon but it looks like another Game of Thrones prequel is already moving forward. Dunk and Egg, which will adapt George R.R. Martin's fantasy novellas about a legendary knight and his squire, just found its screenwriter in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty scribe Steven Conrad.

Deadline confirms that Steve Conrad will be joining the project that serves as the second Game of Thrones prequel series. Conrad is known for his work in shows like Patriot, Perpetual Grace, LTD, and Ultra City Smiths. He also wrote the screenplay for the Academy Award-nominated Julia Roberts film Wonder.

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Dunk and Egg will be based on Martin's trilogy of novellas The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight. The stories followed Ser Duncan the Tall (better known as Dunk) and his squire Egg, who is actually the future king Aegon V Targaryen.

Aegon himself did not appear in Game of Thrones but we have already met most of his family members. He is the younger brother of Maester Aemon and the grandfather of Daenerys Targaryen. That also means he's the great-grandfather of Jon Snow, who is the son of Daenerys' older brother Rhaegar Targaryen. That means Dunk and Egg will be set at least 90 years before the events in the original series.

It has also been suggested that Dunk's descendant is in Game of Thrones. Martin has made comments suggesting that Brienne of Tarth is actually a descendant of the legendary knight.

For now, Dunk and Egg is still in early development and no casting has been made. However, there is a possibility we will be getting more updates on the new show by next year. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

The other Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is already set to premiere on HBO in 2022.

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