Game of Thrones: Why Were Dragons Suddenly Extinct in Westeros? Explained

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons
Credit: HBO Max

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons
Credit: HBO Max

Dragons are supposedly mythical creatures, however, Game of Thrones depicted them as fire-breathing beasts that have disappeared from Westeros. Here's why the dragons suddenly went extinct in the series.

The Wiping of the Dragons From Westeros' Map

The dragon in front of Jon Snow in the finale
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Credit: HBO Max

At the beginning of Game of Thrones Season 1, the Targaryen siblings, Viserys and Daenerys, were led to believe that the only way to reclaim their power over their household is to have the sister married off.

Viserys was completely convinced that it was he who had the powers of the dragons that needed to be awakened inside of him. And when he died by burning, Daenerys discovered a new line of power that was actually destined in her veins.

Apart from marrying Khal Drogo and having the Dothraki warriors at her side, the dragons have allowed her to consume more power in the game of thrones, in taking back her name and honor for her household.

Now, in spite of this, the three dragon eggs that were supposedly salvaged from the species that went extinct, why did the dragons vanish in the first place? How and when did that happen?

Well, as it turned out, the beasts of war were outrightly killed when a cataclysmic volcanic eruption, aka the Doom of Valyria, loomed over before the War of the Five Kings.

The entire Valyrian empire was destroyed, and most of the dragons, whose lairs rested in volcanoes, also ended up dying with it.

Not to mention, most of the dragons met their demise during the civil war of the Dance of the Dragons. The species was considered extinct, that is, until the petrified dragon eggs were harvested for crafting weapons under the Dothraki, in the series, at least.

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Drogon Fled in the Game of Thrones Finale, Where Did He Go?

Where Drogon might have gone
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Despite the disappointing and controversial ending of Game of Thrones Season 8, any fan would ask themselves, where did Drogon go, exactly?

Considering that he was the last of the three dragons Daenerys hailed from when she became the Mother of Dragons, does this mean he's the last of his kind? Or could he possibly lay eggs on his own?

Not to mention, the ending saw to it that Daenerys' corpse was taken in by Drogon somewhere, which remains unanswered to this day.

Although the showrunners and the author himself, George RR. Martin, are planning on producing more spinoffs.

Aside from the speculated Jon Snow solo series and House of the Dragon Season 2, hopefully, their future projects will not leave their fans on a cliffhanger from the original series that set the franchise ablaze.

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