Game of Thrones: Deepfake Replaces Young Ned Stark's Face with Young Sean Bean's

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While Game of Thrones fans remember Sean Bean as Ned Stark, the seventh season had let another actor take over for young Ned in the form of Robert Aramayo. While some fans think that the casting was spot on, some are curious what it would have looked like if a young Sean Bean took over the role. Thanks to The Fakening on Youtube, we have an idea on what that could have looked like.


Ever wondered what it would look like if a young Sean Bean from Patriot Games played a the young Ned Stark in the Game of Thrones flashback scenes? Well wonder no more. Make sure to watch until the end to see the best results.

Admittedly Aramayo does have the same brow as young Sean Bean, but he doesn’t have the same icy voice in my opinion. Then again, a lot of other fans absolutely loved him in the role, and they all thought it was perfect acting when it was revealed to him that Lyanna had given birth to a son.

Another thing that people love about the Tower of Joy scene (besides Arthur ‘Sword of the Morning’ Dayne) is that it really gives us some perspective of how young Ned was during Robert’s Rebellion. By the time we meet him in Game of Thrones, it would have been sixteen years later—the age that Jon is when the book starts.

We don’t know if we’ll ever see Bean in the series again, but he did leave a lasting impression that a lot of people still remember.


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