Gambit Spinoff Release Date Pushed After Film Loses Another Director

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It seems like losing its third director really has set back 20th Century Fox's Gambit spinoff.

Earlier today, word came out that Gambit's newest director, Gore Verbinski, decided to separate ways with the 20th Century Fox because of conflicts in schedule. Though the separation was amicable, the loss of the film's director has seemingly set the film's production back, and according to The Hollywood Reporter this forced the studio to move the film from a Valentine's release in 2019 to a June release in the same year.

There were reports yesterday that Fox had scheduled the film to begin production in March this year at the Big Easy Studios in New Orleans, the same location where the studio had shot Logan.


Though it seems like Fox still feels excited about the troubled comic book movie project, this new set back is definitely troubling. This is the third director that's left the Gambit spinoff. First, it was Rupert Wyatt, then Doug Liman, and now Verbinsky.

Now it seems like Channing Tatum's involvement in the project as the lead star of Gambit is the only thing keeping the film together. We're hoping that Tatum's enthusiasm for the film doesn't wane or else fans are never going to get to see this Gambit movie.

Gambit is expected to release in cinemas on June 7, 2019.

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