Gal Gadot Plays Coy About Her Wonder Woman Future

Wonder Woman
Credit: Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman
Credit: Warner Bros.

Gal Gadot has been a staple in the DCEU as Wonder Woman ever since her debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. She has made a lot of appearances throughout the franchise including her two solo films and her recent brief cameo in The Flash.

However, with the upcoming reboot of the DC franchise, her future as Wonder Woman is currently in limbo and there is no definitive update yet on whether DC Studios will let her continue the role in the new DCU franchise.

Prior to the announcement of the DCU slate, it was also reported that the third Wonder Woman film was canceled with director Patty Jenkins exiting the franchise while a prequel series is now in the works as part of the DCU.

Fans have been patiently waiting for updates on whether Gadot will return and now we have the latest word about it.

Gal Gadot Teases Her Tenure as Wonder Woman Might Not Be Over Yet

Wonder Woman 1984
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Credit: Warner Bros.

Speaking recently with Entertainment Tonight, Gadot was asked for updates on whether she will continue as Wonder Woman in the DCU moving forward.

While she didn't give any definitive answer about her future in the role, she did hint that the conversations are still ongoing and suggested that her tenure might not be over yet.

"Things are being worked behind the scenes and once the right moment arrives, you'll know about it," she said.

This is certainly an optimistic update about Gadot's future as Wonder Woman since there really has been a lack of news regarding the character's placement in the DCU and it sounds like she might still be integrated into the rebooted franchise after all.

However, given that recent DCEU films have been underperforming at the box office, there is also a chance that DC Studios chairmen James Gunn and Peter Safran might decide to do a hard reboot and recast all the roles to start from scratch.

For now, let's just wait for any definitive updates about Wonder Woman's future in the DCU and whether Gadot is still going to play the role moving forward.

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You can catch Gadot's cameo in The Flash which is showing in theaters everywhere. You can check more details about it there.

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