Gail Simone Stretches Plastic Man To His Limits With New Mini-Series

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DC has announced a new Plastic Man mini-series from the acclaimed Gail Simone and artist Adriana Melo. The character has gained plenty of exposure lately, thanks to Dark Knights: Metal and TheTerrifics, so now is the perfect time to give the character a moment in the spotlight. With a writer like Simone working on the title, this should be a hit with fans of the obscure-ish hero.

Revealed by SyFy Wire, Plastic Man will be a six-issue mini-series that revolves around Plas finding out that the world's smartest villains have decided to team up. The problem is, Plas is such a goofball character that no one believes him, not even the Justice League. It will be interesting to see how Eel O'Brian gets his way out of this one as Simone and Melo stretch him to his limits.


(DC Comics/Aaron Lopresti)

Simone praised the character for his humor and dark backstory, noting how Plastic Man comics have influenced Deadpool and Harley Quinn immensely. The Batgirl and Birds of Prey writer also praised Melo's art, who gives it a stylish 40's-like glamour to the series, which can be seen in the cover above.

Plastic Man #1 comes out this June.

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