Fulfill Your Star Wars Dream and Face Darth Vader in Next Month's Vader Immortal: Episode III

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Star Wars Vader Immortal has been quite the hit for VR fans, giving players an interactive Star Wars experience like never before. We're two episodes in thus far and fans have been nothing but kind to Vader Immortal, calling it one of the better VR games of the year and a treat for those that love this long-running franchise. That ride is about to end in the most glorious way possible as Vader Immortal Episode III comes out next month.

How gloriously does it end? YOU will be fighting Vader in the end.


That's right, Star Wars.com confirmed that VR players will be having a one-on-one lightsaber duel with Palpatine's strongest puppet. While players have fought Darth Vader one-on-one in games before - The Force Unleashed duology and Soul Calibur IV come to mind - this is the first time players will do it in VR, arguably the most intimate way to play video games right now.

Ben Snow, the game's director, said the following about Vader Immortal Episode III:

"This has been one of the best experiences of my career, and many on our crew feel the same way. Vader Immortal has shown that there is an appetite for this type of storytelling in virtual reality, and we're so happy that people have enjoyed it as much as they have."

While it won't go down as the best game ever, Vader Immortal is definitely how you do a Star Wars game in VR well. Hopefully, LucasFilm and Disney take more risks like this with future Star Wars video games and not just making multiplayer shooters.


Vader Immortal Episode III comes out on November 21.

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