Frozen Fish Makes Like Han Solo and Comes Back to Life After Defrosting

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A video has gone viral showing a frozen fish coming back to life after it being defrosted in water.

On January 22, Jinbin Huanguploaded the video on Fishing and Boat ramp FailsFacebook page. The video has since been viewed over 45 million times and shared over 4,000 times.

Right now, the video's authenticity is unknown. The only thing we know is what is seen in the footage, which is a man removing the frozen fish from a freezer and then coming alive after being dropped into a bowl of water. 

Check it out for yourself.


The fish seems to have taken time adjusting to the temperature first before it wiggles and then moves fully to a swim around the bowl.

The frozen fish video has gotten mixed reactions both from Facebook and YouTube viewers. Others were perplexed, while some claim that it’s just a magic trick. Meanwhile, others explained that the phenomena is quite common in places with extreme temperatures.


"Ice fishing in New England with extreme cold temperatures. Catch some yellow perch and they freeze almost instantly. Take them home and put them in the sink with water and they start swimming shortly after," said one commenter. 

A Queen's University, Canada study in 2004 explained that some fish are able to withstand freezing temperature due to a special protein in their blood.

Fish aren’t the only species that could come back to life after being defrosted however.

According to Tree Hugger, scientists recently rejuvenated creatures called tardigrade/“water bear” after being frozen for 30 years. The water-dwelling organisms were recovered from Antarctica in 1983 and stored at -20 degrees Celsius.

However, one water bear died 20 days after being reborn. The other one lived longer, while a third one even hatched a frozen egg and laid 19 eggs, 14 of which hatched in success.

With these recent reports, it does beg the question whether the process can be applied to humans too. It made me recall Han Solo being frozen in carbonite in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and then being defrosted and brought back to life in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi.


It isn’t quite as far-fetched anymore with science at work.

What do you think?