28 Feb 2017 11:07 AM +00:00 UTC

Friendly Rivalry Between Marvel’s Samuel L. Jackson and Star Wars’ Harrison Ford

It looks like there's be some friction going on between former Star Wars Jedi master Samuel L. Jackson and the franchise's former smuggler, Harrison Ford. Jackson who had been the highest-paid actor in the Hollywood industry for the past five years was surpassed by Ford when Lucasfilm released Star Wars: The Force Awakens and since then Jackson's been fighting to get back to the top spot.

Speaking in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show yesterday, Jackson revealed the competition that he's been having with Ford ever since the Indiana Jones icon made a devastating return to the Star Wars franchise in The Force Awakens.

"Harrison is still ahead of me because of Star Wars," the Marvel star complained jokingly. Hew went on saying, "My assistant told me I was [about] $150 million behind him. I've got a chance to grab him with this movie [Kong: Skull Island], xXx is doing really well in China so it might be that…"

"Whenever The Incredibles 2 comes out, it's over!" he added, "Then I'll be back as the highest-grossing actor in the history of Hollywood. I had that title for about five years.Then Harrison made one movie and caught me!"


Though Jackson is one of Hollywood's most notable A-listers, Ford is nothing short of an icon himself and a return in to the massive Star Wars franchise through the very first installment of the sequel trilogy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens certainly added to Ford's numbers. After all, the Star Wars franchise has a massive following. Let's see if Jackson can catch up with his other movies coming out this year, like Kong: Skull Island.

Kong: Skull Island premieres in cinemas on March 10, 2017.

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