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Fresh: Sebastian Stan Discusses Shock Over Disturbing Scenes That Didn't Hit Right Away

If you haven't seen Sebastian Stan's Fresh, streaming on Hulu, you have to prepare your stomach. If you think this is just another rom-com flick, then you're obviously wrong.

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Sebastian Stan's latest film was released on the streaming service, Hulu. Fresh is a gore-comedy-thriller that follows Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones), a young woman disappointed with her horrible experiences with dating apps. One night she stumbles upon Steve (Stan) in a grocery store and instantly felt a connection with each other. However, the alluring man that Steve portrays hides a very disturbing secret. Steve is a butcher who sells human flesh to an organization of cannibals and Noa was easily preyed on as Steve's victim. The film has received positive reviews that focus on the horrors of dating and the depiction of cannibalism, which isn't for the faint-hearted.

In an interview with Yahoo, Stan revealed how he didn't realize how disturbing scenes for Fresh didn't set until the film is released. The reason for the delay in realization may be pointed to the methodological filming. The actor explained,

"We had an actual former surgeon on set that would kind of watch all the movements and everything, and just the dexterity of that. And then similarly, we had a chef who was watching me, how I was handling everything just from a purpose of keeping it as grounded and realistic as possible. So I feel like I didn't really have any wake up moments until a month later when I was like, ‘What have we done?! What was that? Why am I still thinking about it?’ Middle of the night, just [wide awake thinking about it]. ‘Oh god, oh god! I ruined my life."

This new role for Sebastian Stan had given him versatility because we don't usually see the actor starring in a grisly role such as this. Getting to the mind of a psychopath and a cannibal in the film wouldn't even be surprised how he never processed how disturbing it is after the film is released.

Fresh is grisly and disturbing, and its depiction of the horrors of modern dating is unique. Though it's unlikely for most women to find themselves dating a cannibal butcher, Fresh tackles a darker approach on the terrors of dating wherein they're not usually sure about their potential partner's real identity.

Fresh is now streaming on Hulu.

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