Frankie Muniz Finally Breaks Silence on Malcolm in the Middle Memory Loss Rumors

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Credit: Looper/YouTube

Former Malcolm in the Middle star, Frankie Muniz, has refuted rumors that he doesn't remember his time on the show after suffering memory loss after a mini-stroke.

According to rumors, Muniz may be suffering from amnesia following a series of mini-strokes in 2012 and 2013, and his relationship with the public has changed drastically since he first stepped away from performing in 2008.

Recently, he made an appearance on Steve-Wild O's Ride! The mini-strokes were actually misdiagnosed and misreported by the media, and Muniz had been suffering from migraine auras.

Does Frankie Muniz Have Memory Loss?

Muniz reveals on Steve-O's podcast that he has "a bad memory," and that he's "a pretty bad friend" who frequently forgets to text people back.

However, the claim that his severe brain traumas caused him to forget his Malcolm in the Middle days is not totally accurate.

Muniz portrayed Malcolm, a talented adolescent with a dysfunctional family, on the Fox sitcom, which aired from 2000 to 2006. The show gained critical acclaim, as well as a Peabody Award and seven Emmy nominations.

Throughout all seven seasons and 151 episodes, he co-starred with Bryan Cranston, who played his father, Hal.

Among other things, he recalls auditioning and a fan experience he had on the subway before the premiere. However, he is unable to discern between a dream and "a lot" of these memories.

“I've thought about it a lot like over my years of like, you know, why do I have a bad memory? You know what I mean? The only logical thing I can say is, yeah, I've had nine concussions,” he told Steve-O.

He left acting to become a racecar driver, a career he has indicated he would pursue, and he was involved in a few racing accidents. He also played basketball and football as a kid, therefore the injuries were caused by a combination of activities, he said.

What Sparked the Rumor of Frankie Muniz's Memory Loss?

The misunderstanding originates from Muniz's hosting of Dancing with the Stars. The actor took the time to address the health issues he was dealing with, such as concussions and misdiagnosed mini-strokes. Separately, he discussed his terrible memory and how it was exacerbated by his hectic acting career.

While one might think his "best years" were during the time when Malcolm in the Middle was a hit, they weren't, because he never got to experience the satisfaction of being a successful actor. In his hectic years, he bounced around from one project to the next, and he couldn't always recall everything that had transpired.

Given his frenetic upbringing as a kid celebrity, having a terrible memory is conceivable, but it does not amount to the amnesia that he was believed to have.


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