Frank Miller's Superman: Year One Has Been Delayed

Looks like the first title of DC's Black Label has been delayed. When the new publishing line was first announced, Frank Miller and John Romita Jr's Superman: Year One was solicited as the first title of Black Label and was set to come out this August. Well, DC has released their August solicitations and the first part of Miller's three-issue mini-series was nowhere to be seen.

Bleeding Cool confirmed the news but didn't give any reasons why. This is most likely due to the reputation Miller has gained since most of his works have experienced massive delays. While his Xerxes series is finally coming out, keep in mind that it was announced years before. Dark Knight 3, which Miller co-wrote with Brian Azzarello, also suffered from a number of delays.

(DC Comics/Frank Miller)

With no news yet regarding the delayed title, it's safe to assume that we will see the first part of Superman: Year One sometime in September or October. The mini-series is supposed to be part of the continued celebration of Superman's 80's anniversary. Hopefully, it still comes out this year and we see how it does, especially with JrJr working on the art.

When do you think Superman: Year One will be coming out? Are you looking forward to Miller's take on the Man of Steel's origins?

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