Fortnite Player Banned for Life After Uploading Cheating Videos

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Fortnite is a fun enough free-to-play game that has become a worldwide phenomenon, with a ton of streamers also becoming popular as a result of playing it. However, players were recently given a huge reality check when Epic Games banned a popular streamer for life when he was caught cheating. In fact, the gamer actually posted various videos of himself using cheats, though he claimed that it was for entertainment purposes and says he never cheated during competitive play.

Jarvis Kaye is the aforementioned Fortnite player who was banned for posting the videos of his cheating, even if it was supposedly for fun. In an emotional video, Kaye tells his fans what happened and even apologizes to Epic Games while succumbing to tears. It's a hard watch since no one wants to see someone cry, though it looks like Epic won't be lifting the ban.

Here is Kaye's explanation for his Fortnite cheating videos:

"All I was thinking about whilst I was making those videos was just how entertaining and interesting these videos would be for you guys to watch. It didn't even cross my mind to think that I could be banned for life from Fortnite from those videos."

Unfortunately for Kaye, Epic told The Independent that they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheating. This means that Kaye will likely remain banned for life when it comes to the game's competitive play unless they work something out. At the least, there are other free-to-play shooters for Kaye to try, like Apex Legends.

Fortnite can be downloaded on pretty much every gaming platform available right now, even on your mobile devices.

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