12 Nov 2020 1:37 PM +00:00 UTC

Former Pacific Rim Star Charlie Hunnam Reveals Why He Didn't Return For Uprising

There is little doubt that Pacific Rim: Uprising was awesome on its own but fans were still left wondering why Raleigh Becket did not return in the film. Interestingly, Charlie Hunnam has just opened up on why he decided to pass on the chance to reprise his role in the sequel.

Hunnam recently spoke to Collider while promoting the new drama Jungleland. At one point, the Sons of Anarchy star was asked what he thought about the Pacific Rim anime and Hunnam revealed that he didn't know about it. From there, the City of Z actor made it clear that he has already turned his back on the franchise because of his busy schedule.

"A lot of time went by between us doing [the sequel]. Certainly, when Guillermo [del Toro] was talking about it, then yeah, definitely, I was a part of that conversation and I think that his vision for it included me," Hunnam said. "But by the time they circled around and decided that they were gonna make it with a different director, we had a conversation about it but I was booked up."

Hunnam continued that "there were business elements" that meant the sequel would have to "go into production very quickly" but he "wasn't available."


"That's just what happens. I didn't deeply lament it. I'd been working in long-form storytelling for a while and we'd already done one Pacific Rim, so I felt like, "Go with God. Go do your thing,'" he added. "I actually haven't seen the sequel, so I didn't ever give myself an opportunity to really think about whether I regret that decision or not."

Sadly, we may never know what happened to Raleigh after the events in the first Pacific Rim movie. On the other hand, we're looking forward to seeing Hunnam in more awesome films in the future.

The Pacific Rim anime will premiere on Netflix next year.

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